“Centennial Celebration of Bacteriophage Research”

Tbilisi, Georgia, June 26-29, 2017

Dear prospective Attendee,

        We would like to inform you that the Eliava Institute of Bacteriophage, Microbiology, and Virology (EIBMV, Tbilisi, Georgia) is organizing an international conference: “Centennial Celebration of Bacteriophage Research”, which will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia on June 26-29, 2017.

        For the past century bacteriophages, viruses of bacteria served and continue to serve as a basic model for understanding the fundamental principles of life. Indeed, research on bacteriophages is inseparable from emergence of the field of molecular biology and led to major discoveries, from the identification of DNA as the genetic material, all the way to the discovery of the CRISP-Cas systems which recently revolutionized many disciplines in life sciences. Phages have also are known to be an effective therapy against various human bacterial infections and will be an integral part of the war against antibiotic resistance.

        The year 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the initiation of bacteriophage research by Felix D’Herelle at Institute Pasteur in Paris. To celebrate this occasion, The Institute Pasteur, in collaboration with the Eliava Institute (where Félix D'Herelle worked in the early 1930s together with his Georgian colleague George Eliava), are organizing special twin conferences in these historic locations – the “cradles” of bacteriophage research and application: Institute Pasteur (April 24-26, 2017, Paris, France) and Eliava Institute (June 26-29, 2017, Tbilisi, Georgia). Both events aim at providing a broad overview of the major milestones in the bacteriophage research. The Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University is a co-organizer of the event in Tbilisi.

        The conference in Tbilisi will specially emphasize the therapeutic, biotechnological and industrial applications of bacteriophages.

        The Organizers strongly believe that the professional exchange of scientific knowledge and expertise between the researchers from different countries will lead to new approaches in the fight against emerging or re-emerging, health threatening, multi-drug resistant bacteria, and will contribute to the improvement of human, animal, and plant health.

Organizing Committee:

Eliava Institute:

Mzia Kutateladze
Nina Chanishvili
Marina Tediashvili
George Mgaloblishvili

Institute Pasteur:

Laurent Debarbieux
Patrick Forterre
Mart Krupovic
David Prangishvili

Tbilisi State University:

George Sharvashidze
Mikheil Chkhenkeli
Nunu Mitskevich
Nino Inasaridze

The Organizers encourage prospective attendees to submit their abstract (not more than 500 words) through the website (registration form).

Abstract submission deadline for oral presentations - May 15, 2017

Abstract submission deadline for poster presentations - May 30, 2017

Deadline for abstract submission is expanded until June 10, 2017

Only abstracts of active participants will be printed in the conference booklet.

Working language:

        English (Please note, no simultaneous translation will be provided)


        Opening and registration (June 26, 2017) will be held at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Conference Hall, 1 Chavchavadze av., Tbilisi 0179, Georgia

        Conference Sections (June 27-29, 2017) will be held at the George Eliava Institute of Bacteriophages, Microbiology and Virology, 3, Gotua street, Tbilisi 0160, Georgia

Transportation and Accommodation:
Information about transportation, accommodation in Tbilisi, hotel prices, and other useful details can be found at the following websites:


Registration fees:

Early Bird Deadline Registration Deadline Late registration Deadline
Students 250€ March 25,2017 300€ April 25,2017 350€ June 10, 2017
Academics 400€ 450€ 500€
Company representatives 500€ 550€ 600€

Registration fees include lunch throughout the conference days, excursion to historical sites in Tbilisi and Mtskheta – an ancient capital of Georgia, and a Gala Dinner.


Registration fees should be paid to the following account

DEUTSCHE BANK BASISBANK s/a" ELIAVA FOUNDATION- ASSOCIATION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF BACTERIOPHAGES IN GEORGIA"NNLE GE79 BS00 0000 0036 1361 88 Registration fee for the Centennial Celebration of Bacteriophage Research, Tbilisi, Georgia (your first and last name)
Frankfurt/Eschborn, Deutschland, SWIFT: DEUT DE FF TBILISI, GEORGIA,

For an official invitation letter, please contact us.

Contact person:
        Dr. Nina Chanishvili,
        Eliava IBMV, 3, Gotua Street, Tbilisi 0160, Georgia,
        Tel: +995 32 238 10 68 or +995 32 238 27 62
        E-mail: nina.chanishvili@pha.ge or nina.chanishvili@gmail.com,