Representatives of the European Office of the World Health Organization, Dr. Lesley Ogilvie, Dr. Tine Rikke Jorgensen and Dr. Ketevan Kandelaki visited the G. Eliava Institute of Bacteriophages, Microbiology and Virology on November 13th , 2023.
The guests were hosted by the Head of the scientific council Dr.Sophie Rigvava, Head of the laboratory of Microbial Ecology Prof. Marine Tediashvili, Director of the company „Eliava BioPreparations“ Mr.Vakhtang Pavlenishvili , Dr. Elisabed Zaldastanishvili, Leading scientist of the laboratory of Molecular Biology and Dea Nizharadze, chief physician of the Eliava Phage therapy Center.
Prof. Marine Tediashvili gave a presentation about Eliava institutes’ history and heritage, ongoing scientific projects and future plans. The guests visited the Eliava Institute’s library, museum and laboratory of Basic Microbiology, also the companies of the Eliava consortium: Eliava Analytical Diagnostic Center, Eliava Authorized Pharmacy and Eliava Phage Therapy Center.
During the meeting, participants discussed key points of solving the problem of antibiotic resistance, particularly expanding the possibility of using bacteriophages in fight against AMR bacteria, planning new clinical trials in this direction, deepening international cooperation and carrying out further activities to spread and raise awareness of phage therapy.