During the presentation of the new strategy by the Innovation and Technology Agency, bacteriophages were named as a priority area of state support.


In order to maximize the global competitiveness and scientific potential of the Georgian economy, 3 main technological directions of the country are defined: First – in today’s world, without the development of artificial intelligence, it is impossible to take a decent place in the global competition.


The next key area is phages. As you know, Georgia is a pioneer in these technologies and the country has almost a century of experience in phage research. Today, when the demand for phages is especially increasing worldwide, Georgia can offer the world important technological products in this direction;


Finally, agrotechnologies.


See the article  : https://www.gov.ge/index.php?lang_id=GEO&sec_id=596&info_id=87876&fbclid=IwAR00Z46t71ScH8XHmsEJiR6Yt5RWYWwn_hYyq_F9H0rOWCNSmD42O-mQl9k